Anti riot suit with fire and stab blunt force trauma resistantance

This riot suit is specifically designed to cover and protect the torso of law enforcement officers working in harsh environments. The flexible, lightweight, full-coverage panels can be adjusted to fit perfectly and protect the user from any level of threat of violence. State-of-the-art riot suits are fire and stab resistant and resist blunt force trauma, allowing officers to safely maneuver around crowds and better defuse dangerous situations. These riot suits can also be integrated with body cameras to record incidents, which can help in future legal proceedings.

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The anti-riot suit consists

1. Upper body part (front chest, back, shoulder pads, crotch pads (customizable and removable models))
2. Elbow protector, arm protector
3. Belt, thigh protector
4. Knee pads, calf pads, foot pads
5. Can add neck protector
6. Gloves
7. Handbag


The chest, back and groin protector are composed of Buffer layer and protective layers, which is made of 2.4mm hard military standard alloy plate.The rest of the parts are made of 2.5mmPC engineering plastics and soft energy absorbing materials.

Polyester mesh lines inside the protector which offers comfort and breathability for long term wear.

Reflective Name ID labels can be attached to the front panel for identification (Customized) .



Each piece of the suit fastens and adjusts quickly with adjustable straps fasten with durable nylon elastic and Velcro which allows each individual a custom fit.
One size fit
Measurements by chest size:
Medium/Large/X-Large: chest size 96-130cm

Carry Bag

Carry Bag
Normal: 600D Polyester, Total Dimensions 57cmL*44cmW*25cmH
Two Velcro storage compartments in the front of the bag
Front of the bag have place for personal ID card

High Quality

1280D Polyester, Total Dimensions 65cmL*43cmW*25cmH
Front of the bag have multi function pouches
Comfortable padded shoulder strap and Bag handle
Front of the bag have place for personal ID card


High Quality: (Could be Customized)
Impact resistant:120J
Strike Energy
Stab Resistant:≥25J
Fire resistant: V0
Weight:≤ 7kg
1set/CTN, CTN size (L*W*H): 65*45*25 cm,
Gross weight: 9kg
  • Can add flame retardant, Anti-UV, waterproof, environmental protection
  • Each batch of products has strict factory testing standards
  • Flexibility: each part can be independently movable;

Other related information

Main parameters Indicator Requirements
Protection area ≥0.7㎡
Impact resistance ≥120J
Percussion energy absorption performance ≥100J
Anti-stab performance ≥24J
Nylon buckle fastening strength Initial ≥14.00N/cm2
Clutching 5000 times ≥10.5N/cm2
Tear strength of nylon buckle ≥1.6N/cm2
Strength of snap connection >500N
Connection strength of connection tape >2000N
Flame retardant performance Continued burning time≤10s
Climate and environmental adaptability -30°C~+55°
Storage life ≥5 Years
  • *logo can be added (Extra charge, please consult for details)
    style can be customized, Skeletonized riot suit(breathable, lightweight), quick release riot suit.
  • All LION ARMOR All products can be customized, you may consult for further information.
  • All LION ARMOR products can be customized, you may consult for further information.
  • Relevant certification: SGS

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