Transformable And Multifunctional Ballistic Vest –NIJ III/IIIA/IV

TF means transformable and multifunctional. The new design LAV-TF01 ballistic vest offers high performance ballistic protection intergrated in a full multifunctional design offers the versatility to meet the needs of any specific mission. The whole set tactical vest can transformably wear in four ways. ONE set wear in FOUR ways. Now let us show your the 4 ways one by one.

  • Product model number: LAV-TF01
  • Bulletproof level: NIJ0101.04 or NIJ0101.06 LEVEL IIIA, III, IV
  • Carrier fabric: High tenacity polyester/nylon fabric
  • Free Combination methord: 4 ways (A - Hard Plate Carrier B - Soft Covert Vest C - Tactical Vest D - Full Protection Vest )
  • Product Detail

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    1- Hard Plate Carrier

    tf Multifunctional Vest16
    • Tactical plate carrier offers strong and durable construction
    • Advanced webless system on whole carrier
    • Easy to release and dapated for right or left handed release
    • Kangaroo pocket on front flap includes 3 rifle magazine insets
    • Bottom loading, ballistic plate pockets in the front and rear
    • Plate pocket suit for plate size: 250*300mm 10”*12”
    • Velcro with webless system for adding identification
    • Life saving loading band in the rear
    • Shoulder strapping system provides adjustability
    tf Multifunctional Vest013

    2- Soft Covert Vest

    tf Multifunctional Vest21
    • The standard base is a soft covert vest
    • Adjustable waist strap with elastic band
    • Bottom loading of soft ballistic panels in the front and rear
    • Ballistic protection area: front and rear
    • Size could be customized
    • Velcro with webless system for adding identification
    • Advanced webless system on velcro, light and durable
    • Soft and light, could be used as concealable vest
    tf Multifunctional Vest014

    3- Tactical Vest

    tf Multifunctional Vest26
    • The covert vest and plate carrier transformed to be tactical vest
    • Bottom loading of soft and hard armor in the front and rear
    • Muliple points of the vest to provide high protection level
    • Advanced webless system on whole vest
    • Easy to release the plate carrier, right or left handed release
    • Kangaroo pocket on front flap includes 3 rifle magazine insets
    • Plate pocket size: 250*300mm 10”*12”
    • Velcro with webless system for adding identification
    tf Multifunctional Vest015

    4- Full Protection  Vest

    tf Multifunctional Vest01
    • Front complete system with optional ballistic accessories.
    • The multifunctional and transformable design meets the strategic needs of each specific mission.
    tf Multifunctional Vest016
    tf Multifunctional Vest017


    • Can be produced in different color or camouflage patterns according to user’s request
    • Easy to remove internal panels for cleaning and replacing covers
    • Advanced sweat control ventilation lining
    • 360°MOLLE
    • 360° MOLLE webbing attachment system (option to remove if not required)

    Each piece of the vest fastens and adjusts quickly with the waist and shoulder adjustable straps fasten with durable nylon elastic and Velcro which allows each individual a custom fit. For example, members of the armed forces, special police agencies, homeland security agencies, customs and border protection agencies can all be equipped to more fully protect them from the threat of weapons.

    Other information

    * If you need to customize the bulletproof vest + bulletproof plate, please consult for details.

    -- All LION ARMOR products can be customized, you may consult for further information.
    Product storage: room temperature, dry place, keep away from light.

    Test certification

    • NATO - AITEX laboratory test
    • China Test Agency

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