NIJ IIIA /III /IV Bulletproof Flashing Defense Shield With Viewing Window and Handle and Flash

The shield consists of a bulletproof plate, bulletproof viewing window, handle, flash and components. The shield is made of high-performance PE material and has a waterproof, anti-ultraviolet and anti-passivation PU coating or fabric cover.

The shield body is made of high-performance polyethylene non-woven fabric material, which is light in weight, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-passivation, convenient and flexible to use and easy to observe. It has various functions such as bulletproof and anti-riot, no ricochet,, no bulletproof blind spot, can eliminate penetrating damage, and is suitable for police, army, anti-terrorist troops, etc., to carry out operations against armed criminals

  • Bulletproof level: NIJ0101.04 OR NIJ0101.06 LEVEL IIIA, III, IV
  • Product Detail

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    Detail Bulletproof level
    500*900mm or other customized size.
    Single curve or Flat shape
    Protection Area: ≥0.45 ㎡
    Window Light transmittance: ≥83%
    Grip link strength ≥600 N
    Arm band link strength ≥600 N
    IIIA/III/IV optiona

    Other related information

    • Black nylon/polyester fabric cover or PU coating.
    • logo can be added (Extra charge, please consult for details)
    • Available Colours: LA-PP-IIIA__01

    -- All LION ARMOR products can be customized, you may consult for further information.
    Product storage: room temperature, dry place,keep away from light.

    Test certification

    • NATO - AITEX laboratory test
    • China Test Agency
      *Physical and chemical inspection center in non-metals material of ordnance industries
      *Bulletproof material testing center of Zhejiang Red Flag Machinery CO., Ltd


    1. How many days can be delivery?
    If for samples we can delivery within 2 weeks, for large quantity please feel free to consult our employee.

    2. Packing Details:

    IIIA 9mm HELMETS:600*560*320mm 10pcs/CTN GW. 15kg
    LEVEL IIIA .44 HELMETS: 600*560*320mm 10pcs/CTN GW. 17kg
    AK HELMET: 600*560*320mm 10pcs/CTN G.W. 26kg

    LEVEL III PE PLATE: 290*350*345mm 10pcs/CTN G.W.16kg
    LEVEL III AL2O3 PLATE:290*350*345mm 10pcs/CTN G.W.25kg
    LEVEL III SIC PLATE: 290*350*345mm 10pcs/CTN G.W.22kg
    LEVEL IV AL2O3 PLATE: 290*350*345mm 10pcs/CTN G.W.30kg
    LEVEL IV SIC PLATE: 290*350*345mm 10pcs/CTN G.W.26kg

    LEVEL IIIA 9mm Vests:520*500*420mm 10pcs/CTN G.W. 28kg
    LEVEL IIIA.44 Vests:520*500*420mm10pcs/CTN G.W. 32kg
    For more customized products, please contact us for details.

    IIIA Regular Shield, 920*510*280mm,2pcs/CTN G.W. 12.6kg
    III Regular Shield, 920*510*280mm,1pcs/CTN G.W. 14.0kg
    IIIA Butterfly shield, 920*510*280mm,1pcs/CTN G.W. 9.0kg

    630*450*250 mm, 1pcs/CTN, G.W. 7kg

    Each roll, length 250m, width1.42m, 920*510*280mm,N.W. 51kg, G.W.54kg
    For width 1.6m, 150*150*1700mm/Carton packing
    For details, please contact us. All specifications are customizable.

    3.Will your company attend the exhibition? What are they?
    Yes, we will attend the exhibition IDEX 2023,IDEF Turkey 2023,Milipol France 2023
    4.What online communication tools are available?
    Whatsapp,Skype,LinkedIN Messgae. Please refer to our website for more details
    5.What is the nature of your company?
    We are a manufacture. The international business office is located in Beijing, and the factories are located in Anhui and Hebei province.
    6.Are you support OEM ?
    We accept all OEM orders. Please feel free to consult us. We will offer a resonable price and make the samples ASAP.
    7.When can i get the quotation?
    We have online reply service for 24 hours. Usually we quote you within 1 hours after we get your inquiry. However, due to the time difference, sometimes we cannot reply to you in time. If the quotation urgent,please call us.

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