NIJ IIIA /III /IV Handheld Defense Shield with Black Toughened Resin Surface Layer and Bulletproof Glass Window

The shield consists of a bulletproof plate, bulletproof viewing window, handle and components. The shield is made of high-performance PE material and has a PU coating or fabric cover that is waterproof, anti-ultraviolet and anti-passivation.

The shield can defend pistol/rifle bullets, with stable and excellent protection performance.
The back of the shield is equipped with two handles, which can be used by left-handed or right-handed users at the same time.
*Equipped with bulletproof glass window for easy to observe the external situation.
*The surface layer is made of black toughened resin, which is waterproof and has stronger anti-fouling ability.

The shield body is made of high-performance polyethylene non-woven fabric material, which is light in weight, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet and anti-passivation, convenient and flexible to use and easy to observe.It has various functions such as bulletproof and anti-riot, no ricochet,, no bulletproof blind spot, can eliminate penetrating damage, and is suitable for police, army, anti-terrorist troops, etc., to carry out operations against armed criminals

  • Bulletproof level: NIJ0101.04 OR NIJ0101.06 LEVEL IIIA, III, IV
  • Product Detail

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    Detail Bulletproof level
    500*900mm or other customized size.
    Single curve or Flat shape
    Protection Area: ≥0.45 ㎡
    Window Light transmittance: ≥83%
    Grip link strength ≥600 N
    Arm band link strength ≥600 N
    IIIA/III/IV optiona

    Other related information

    • Black nylon/polyester fabric cover or PU coating.
    • logo can be added (Extra charge, please consult for details)
    • Available Colours: LA-PP-IIIA__01

    -- All LION ARMOR products can be customized, you may consult for further information.
    Product storage: room temperature, dry place,keep away from light.

    Test certification

    • NATO - AITEX laboratory test
    • China Test Agency
      *Physical and chemical inspection center in non-metals material of ordnance industries
      *Bulletproof material testing center of Zhejiang Red Flag Machinery CO., Ltd


    1. How many days can be delivery?
    If for samples we can delivery within 2 weeks, for large quantity please feel free to consult our employee.

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