multiple styles helmet accessories

Helmet accessories — All helmet accessories are self-produced, welcome to consult and customize.

The accessory range include the following categories:
–Rails/Rails Adapter Slider / Shroud/Bungees/ Velcro Loop system/ Screws & Nuts

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Suspension System

FAST: Slow-rebound EPP (FAST) to protect the helmet from impact. The latest breathable memory cushion system is available as an option.

001Helmet accessories

Mich suspension systems could be choice.

MICH: Adjustable thickness up to 2cm, adjustable from 1.4-2cm. Material: full memory foam, half memory foam, full foam (EVA), optional waterproof material.


Wendy suspension systems could be choice
Bottom colour can be customised

Base material - slow rebound memory foam (Harder)
Top material - slow rebound memory foam (Softer)


retention system

Four point suspension H, X suspension optional

004Helmet accessories

Pasgt Retention Systems (4 Point Rentention)

PU/leather suspension (including screws and nuts), nailless helmet suspension optional

  • - plastic tube suspension
  • --Material of the chin part can be replaced by PU leather (tumbled)

RETENTION SYSTEMS-- Helmet webbing
Webbing: nylon webbing, polyester webbing, cotton webbing optional
Plastic buckle - insert buckle - tension requirement 500N, at 1000N automatically break.
Suspension + lining, color stabilizing, acid and alkali resistance, flame retardant optional
* Other customizable

Accessories Includes The Following Item

--Rails Slider: Material: reinforced and toughened nylon; outer layer painted, screw and nut color can be customized, PE helmet 6 (roughness) * 25mm length/-Rails Adapter Slider can hang NIJIIIA mask/-Shroud cuttlefish dry/ : material aluminum, outer layer painted (whether matte) PE helmet 3 * 15.5mm length, screw tail color plating (the same color)/Bungees hook rope/ : rubber wire (Thai rubber wire)
Velcro Loop system velcro system: optional anti-infrared, starting order quantity (3000pcs); other styles to be added
Screws and nuts: black zinc-plated iron after 300 hours of salt spray, screw tail color plating
Anti-high and low temperature (-15℃-65℃)-- Velcro

EPP cushion (EPP cushion consists of IMPACT PADS impact layer and LDV memory foam), and EPP cushion will not be damaged by changes in ambient temperature, altitude and humidity.

All kinds of accessories can be customized for use on different types of helmets, please consult for details.

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