Bullet Proof Raw Material PE /UHMWPE UD for Bullet Proof Products

Color: White
UD (Uni Directional) fabric is widely used in the bulletproof soft/hard armor.
PE UD is composed of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber (UHMMPE) and a special resin matrix. Processed by a unique manufacturing process, the UD is made of 2/4/6/8 layers of unidirectional polyethylene fiber at 0 °/90 °/0 °/90 °.

UD fabric features:
-Light weight and high ballistic performance
-Blunt trauma is minimal
-waterproof and UV resistant, can maintain stable ballistic performance in harsh environments.
-long service life

Bulletproof level:
NIJ 0101.04 OR NIIJ 010.06
NIJ IIIA 9mm/.44, NIJIII M80, NIJIII+AK47, M80, SS109,NIJIV .30CALIBER M2AP, 7,62X51API etc
NIJ0101.08 Vehicle Armor Plate

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Until end of year 2022, our company has 4 UD production lines of both soft and hard UD fabric.  The annual capacity is more than 1000 tons. At present, the company has more than 15 specifications of UD cloth, all products can be customized.

UD Fabric ( HARD/ SOFT)

Area density(g/m2)

Protection level

Suggested Solutions kg/m2










Ak47 MSC



Ak47 MSC


*In addition, we also have 50gsm/110gsm/130gsm/140gs/150gsm/210gsm/.etc. UD fabrics

-- All LION ARMOR products can be customized, you may consult for further information.

Product storage: room temperature, dry place,keep away from light.

PE UD_0001
PE UD_0002
PE UD_0003

Test certification

  • NATO - AITEX laboratory test
  • China Test Agency
    *Physical and chemical inspection center in non-metals material of ordnance industries
    *Bulletproof material testing center of Zhejiang Red Flag Machinery CO., Ltd


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